Patrons will learn how to make 3D objects that are viewable across a range of consumer to high-end VR headsets through the processes of photogrammetry and texture baking. Photogrammetry is an affordable and relatively simple process that recreates objects in 3D with great detail. The process includes taking photos of an object with a Smartphone and then bringing them into open-source software that aligns them into what is called a point cloud. A point cloud is the first processing step in creating a 3D object. Point clouds can be complex and data intensive, so many consumer VR headsets do not have the capacity to render the objects for optimal viewing. Texture baking makes 3D objects ‘lightweight’ in geometry for rendering, but the details are maintained using images for material properties. Lightweight 3D objects can be viewed across a range of VR headsets with stunning results. This activity includes three sections: (1) Photo Capture, 2) Photogrammetry Image Stitching, and (3) Texture Baking. Patrons will create 3D objects they can use for their video games, websites, artist portfolios and more!

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