AT THE PURDUE Library of Engineering & Science, we have a variety of services, such as 3D printing, and Maker tools for check out, such as handheld 3D scanners. We use our Maker events as a way to let students know what we have available to them. To reach as many patrons as possible, on a campus of 40,000 students, we make our events mobile and call the program Mobile Making. The events revolve around the library tools and services, including the one for this project, subtractive technologies. We host projects that support the intersection of engineering, technology, and art.

The Carving Cute Critters project demonstrates subtractive, CNC technology and gives students an opportunity to paint and talk to their Library faculty and staff in an informal, fun way. With Carving Cute Critters, students are given pre-carved blocks of wood to decorate with painter markers. We use the Inventables Carvey machine and their free software, Easel, but any CNC carving machine with compatible software works for this project. This is a layered activity. Participants can either decorate wood blocks and see how a tabletop CNC carving machine works, or they can take is a step further and create their own Cute Critter to be carved. We have found this to be one of our most successful events. Students are focused on painting the blocks and ask questions about the machine. We are thanked for offering the event and asked when we will hold it again.

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