For engineers who work with rapidly changing technology in multi-disciplinary teams, massive open online courses (MOOCs) offer the unique ability to deliver free, convenient professional development by providing up-to-date information spanning a wide range of disciplines. However, the MOOC boom has not been without its criticisms; many question the effectiveness of MOOCs. In response, many research studies are being conducted across the world to explore the effectiveness of various pedagogical approaches in MOOCs for different stakeholders. As videos constitute one of the most prominent features of MOOCs, it is important to analyse the empirical evidence of best practices for MOOC videos. Through a systematic literature review, we identify a series of important considerations and actions for three groups: instructional teams, video production teams, and platform developers. Considerations include instructor actions, content design and navigation, video style and length, production quality, video annotation tools, viewing options, and embedded assessments.


MOOCs, Video, Guidelines, Systematic Review

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