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With technical standards affecting nearly every aspect of our daily lives, from computers to the components and materials used in car engines, it is critical that undergraduate students are educated on the importance of standards and provided with opportunities to locate and apply relevant technical standards to real world situations. In addition, with ABET accreditation requiring students to have a “basic understanding and familiarity with,” and experience “using” codes and standards, faculty need to consider how such material can be naturally integrated into the curriculum.

At Purdue University, education about codes and standards has been integrated into the mechanical engineering technology (MET) curriculum for decades with significant success. This paper discusses how standards are incorporated into mechanical design and quality control courses, as well as strategies for integrating standards into more courses in an MET curriculum. In addition, a discussion of standards resources that are freely available is included. Finally, a call to action for industry is presented, explaining the need and potential areas where industry can increase involvement in teaching students about technical standards.


information literacy, engineering technology, standards, workplace preparedness

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