Also published as a chapter with the same title in a book editited by Nixon, J. M., Freeman, R. S., & Ward, S. M., Patron-driven acquisitions: Current successes and future directions, (Routledge, 2011)


The Purdue University Libraries was an early implementer of purchasing rather than borrowing books requested through interlibrary loan. This pioneering user-initiated acquisitions program, started in January 2000 and called Books on Demand, is managed by the interlibrary loan unit. Now that the program has reached its tenth year, the authors revisit their initial 2002 study to analyze books purchased in the six top subject areas across the whole decade. Subject librarians in their review of the liberal arts titles selected found that the books were appropriate additions and that these titles expanded the cross-disciplinary nature of the collection. The Books on Demand service offers a seamless method for all users, especially graduate students, to provide input into the collection building process.


patron-driven acquisitions (PDA), collection development, acquisitions, interlibrary loan, user-initiated acquisitions, patron-initiated collection development, Books on Demand

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