This paper was presented at the 39th IATUL Conference in Oslo, Norway in June 2018. Full proceedings of the conference will be available on this website:


Supporting innovation is essential in today’s academic ecosystem, and libraries are well-positioned to connect prospective entrepreneurs with the myriad resources and services available. Libraries are able to leverage pre-existing collaborations and partnerships with groups both inside and outside the university (from local community groups to international level organizations); libraries’ status as information brokers across disciplinary boundaries also enables them to make new connections with a wide array of potential stakeholders. Librarians from different subject specialties will share experiences and discuss ways in which libraries can support global entrepreneurship efforts by university faculty, staff, and students, as well as the general public. This will include the results of several collaborative projects that have helped create an environment of innovation and creativity within this university’s libraries. Notably, this includes an effort to create a map of available campus and community tools for entrepreneurs and inventors, mentorship for a student innovation and invention competition, ongoing support for design projects within the engineering and technology curricula, providing entrepreneurship support for disabled veterans, and outreach to entrepreneurs and independent inventors within the university’s great local community.


entrepreneurship, innovation support, academic libraries

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