This is the author-accepted manuscript version of Heather A. Howard, Nora Wood, Ilana Stonebraker, (2018) "Mapping information literacy using the Business Research Competencies", Reference Services Review,, published by Emerald Publishing.



Librarians in higher education have adopted curriculum mapping in an effort to determine where effective information literacy instruction can help fill gaps in curriculum and prepare students both for coursework and for future research demands. While curriculum mapping has been utilized widely across academia, few studies have considered business curriculum and the development of information literacy instruction. This paper will provide an overview of the current landscape of curriculum mapping across business courses at two institutions and will provide a replicable methodology for other institutions.


In this paper, the authors will examine two case studies at large research universities that evaluate curriculum mapping against the BRASS Business Research Competencies at the undergraduate and the graduate business levels respectively.


This study found that the Business Research Competencies were a valid method to evaluate in both case studies. Curriculum mapping also uncovered various gaps in business education across the curricula at both institutions and has led to open discussions with faculty in an effort to improve the success of students both during their degree programs as well as into their careers.


This study provides a framework and methodology for evaluating business curriculums against robust standards in order to improve student success. With examples from undergraduate and graduate programs, the results of this project promise to have long-lasting implications on the development of curriculums across business programs, including the value of librarian support in developing business research competencies.


academic libraries, cirriculum, assessment, business education, information literacy

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