This is the author accepted manuscript of Saunders, E; Erdmann, C; and Stephens, G. "Mission-Focused Collections: Rebirth of the 'Seminarbibliothek' as an E-Book Collection." Collection Management 42(1) 2017, 15-33. Copyright Taylor & Francis, the version of record is available at


German universities built over the years highly specialized book collections for use by faculty and graduate students. The German term, “Seminarbibliothek,” is often applied to these types of collections, although examples can be found in universities across Europe. The purpose of this paper is to examine a similar type of collection using e-books in veterinary science and to compare this collection to the standard subject classified e-book collections. The study looks at how such a collection might be formed and defined and what possible effects this might have on the use of collections of this type.


e-book collections, seminarbibliothek, veterinary science collictions

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