GRIP: A university's program develops tracks to bridges, a professional development opportunity


Presented at Frontiers in Education 2017 in Indianapolis, IN.


Data literacy education provides an opportunity for libraries and departments to collaborate to meet the rapidly changing needs of students, faculty, and researcher. Expertise is required and expected in so many areas that navigating the changing climate can be overwhelming. However, a large midwestern university has developed a library-facilitated initiative that delivers instructional content to graduate students, postdocs, and faculty on the matters on data management and professional managements. The program has designed two tracks covering topics like professional identity, creating data management plans, understanding funding agency requirements, and others. This paper will discuss the development and maturation of the program, as well as the needs assessment techniques that inform the future practices of the program. This paper will provide a possible solution to bridging the information gaps on data management topics for graduate students and translating those gaps into bridges of understanding and collaboration. This work in progress paper will discuss the challenges with this project, insights, and future directions for the program.

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