The attached are supplemental materials for the Frontiers in Education 2017 conference proceeding paper.


Projects in engineering higher education increasingly produce data in the volume, variety, velocity, and need for veracity such that the output of the research is considered “Big Data”. While engineering faculty members do conceive of and direct the research producing this data, there may be gaps in faculty members’ knowledge in training graduate and undergraduate research assistants in the practical management of Big Data. The project described in this research paper details the development of a Big Data education module for graduate researchers in Electrical and Computer Engineering. The project has the following objectives: to document and describe current data management practices within a specific research group; to identify gaps in knowledge that need to be addressed in order for research assistants to successfully manage Big Data; and to create curricular interventions to address these gaps. This paper details the motivation, relevant literature, research methodology, curricular intervention, and pilot presentation of the Big Data module. Results indicate that the fundamental concepts governing the management of Big Data have been cursorily covered in previous coursework and that students are in need of a comprehensive introduction to the topic, contextualized to the work that they are performing in the research or classroom environment.


research data management; Big Data; Graduate education; Undergraduate education; curriculum development

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