This is the Publisher PDF of Chapman, B. "The East China Sea in DOD China Military Power Reports." The Korean Journal of Defense Analysis, 29 (1)(March 2017): 71-93. It is also available at the journal site.


The National Defense Authorization Act of 2000 saw Congress require the Department of Defense (DOD) to prepare an annual report on Chinese military power. This report contains classified and unclassified editions. Documenting Chinese military developments, strategy, and trends are critical parts of these reports. Beijing’s military activities in the East China Sea (ECS) are important report components. This work explains the importance of these and other DOD reports for those studying ECS developments, examines how DOD has documented Beijing’s military activities within these publicly accessible reports, and describes how members of Congress have reacted to ECS developments during the Obama Administration.


East China Sea, geopolitics, China, Japan, Taiwan, United States, territorial claims, maritime claims, U.S. Department of Defense information resources

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