Published in Geopolitics, History, and International Relations, 10 (1)(2018): 7-29.


Those studying and analyzing Western Pacific strategic trends and develop- ments have access to multiple unclassified analyses of security trends in this region covering these waters and adjacent countries. These information resources are produced by military and government agencies from multiple countries, multinational public policy research institutions, popular and scholarly journals, and Internet resources featuring text, data, webcasts, and imagery. One of these resources is the U.S.–China Economic and Security Review Commission established in the 2001 National Defense Authorization Act. This article argues that this organization’s analyses should be considered essential reading by civilian and military policymakers and individuals and organizations interested in under- standing the continually developing and evolving factors making the Western Pacific an increasingly important factor in U.S. and international geopolitical interests. Contents of this work include scrutiny of commission annual reports, hearings, and studies produced by commission professional staff and contractors covering Western Pacific strategic issues. This bipartisan commission has achieved relative unanimity in its conclusions and its work should be consulted by all interested in Western Pacific strategic and economic issues


U.S. China Economic and Security Review Commission, Western Pacific, China, geopolitics, Chinese military strategy, strategic analysis, U.S. national security policy

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