This paper, originally written in English and translated for the Serbian journal was invited for the HERALD OF THE SERBIAN NATIONAL LIBRARY, or in Serbian, Гласник Народне библиотеке Србије 2014/2015.


This exploratory discussion considers history of libraries, in its broadest context; moreover, it frames the entire enterprise of pursuing history as it relates to LIS in the context of doing history and of doing history vis-à-vis LIS. Is it valuable intellectually for LIS professionals to consider their own history, writing historically oriented research, and what is the nature of this research within the professionalization of LIS itself as both practice and discipline? Necessarily conceptual and offering theoretical insight, this discussion perforce tenders the idea that historiographical innovations and other disciplinary approaches and perspectives can invigorate library history beyond its current condition. This discussion, exploratory at best, and informed by conditions attendant in Anglo-American institutional memory, offers observations, albeit cursory, yet, proffers salient insight and possible suggestions from other institutional venues.


library history, library historian, LIS profession, research

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