The Korean Journal of Defense Analysis, 28 (1)(March 2016): 85-101.


Numerous U.S. government agencies are involved in developing and implementing U.S. policy toward Korean Peninsula events, trends, and developments. Those studying U.S. government policies toward this region need to pay particular attention to the role played by U.S. Congressional committees in this policymaking. Congressional committees are responsible for approving new legislation, revising existing legislation, funding U.S. government programs and conducting oversight of these programs. This work examines Congressional committee hearings and debate during the 113th Congress (2013–2014) and reveals that multiple Congressional committees with varying jurisdictions seek to shape U.S. government Korean Peninsula policy and that this policymaking covers more than international relations and international security issues.


U.S. Congress, Congressional committee hearings, legislative oversight, U.S.-Korean relations, national security, international relations, economics, trade, human rights

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