This is the published PDF version of Riehle, C.F. (2014). Collaborators in Course Design: A Librarian and Publisher at the Intersection of Information Literacy and Scholarly Communication. Paper presented at the Library Orientation Exchange (LOEX) Conference: Creative Visualization: the Art of Information Literacy, Grand Rapids, MI: LOEX.

This paper was presented on May 10, 2014 of the 2014 LOEX conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The presentation associated with this paper can be found at


This paper describes a university press director and academic librarian’s collaborative effort to co-design and co-teach an honors course on publishing and scholarly communication. The project-based course, offered in Spring 2014, wove students through practical application of the publication process (the publisher’s perspective) while engaging in conversation, debate, and other activities related to the complex ethical, legal, and social aspects of scholarly communication (the author’s perspective), and culminated in the publication of a student-created print and Open Access e-book.


information literacy, scholarly communication, publishing, course design, partnerships, active learning

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