Letter to the Editor


This is an author's accepted manuscript of a Letter to the Editor published in Indiana Magazine of History, 104 (1)(March 2008): 117-118 in response to Kenneth Gros Louis, "Leading the University: Herman B. Wells and the Legacy of Leadership at Indiana University," Indiana Magazine of History, 103 (3)(September 2007): 290-301. This letter to the editor may be found online at http://scholarworks.iu.edu/journals/index.php/imh/article/view/12329.


Letter written in response to comments made in this article criticizing conservative critics of higher education as being against such education. These critics are actually attacking the politicization of universities by leftist professors which has the effect of restricting academic freedom if it does not coincide with their ideological viewpoints.


academic freedom, university curriculum, conservative political thought, intellectual freedom

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