This presentation was given to subject specialist librarians at Purdue University to engage the topic of research data in the context of collection development. The Purdue University Research Repository (PURR, http://purr.purdue.edu) creates opportunities for librarians to interact with researchers, including email notifications when a project is created, when a grant is awarded, and when a dataset is submitted for publication. Next, three subject specialist librarians from Agriculture, Engineering, and Mathematics each shared recent examples of their experiences in working with researchers to acquire new data collections for PURR. Lastly, a discussion of library science principles was facilitated, in particular, including data in collection development practices. This is connected to the Libraries' strategic plan and other policy decisions made by the Libraries. Each librarian was given a 1 terabyte USB portable hard drive with a metadata checklist to explore and support the acquisition of research data in their practice of collection development.


collection development, research data curation, institutional repsoitories, librarians

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