Department of Forestry and Natural Resources in cooperation with the Laboratory for Applications of Remote Sensing, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana. The research reported in this paper was supported by NASA Contract NAS 9-14016, NASA Contract NAS 5-21880, and NASA Contract 9-13380.

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Three approaches to computer-aided analysis of LANDSAT-1 MSS data were evaluated utilizing data from a test site in rugged, mountainous terrain. The approaches compared include non-supervised (clustering), modified supervised, and modified clustering. Test field results indicated classification accuracies of 78.58, 70.0%, and 84.7%, respectively for the three analysis techniques. The modified clustering approach proved to be the optimal computer-aided analysis technique of those tested because of minimal computer time required, highest classification accuracy, and most effective analyst/data interaction. A detailed description of this analysis technique is included.

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