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The nature of the Corn Blight Watch Experiment and available resources to conduct the experiment dictated that there be several centers of activity supporting the overall objectives. Mr. Robert MacDonald described in an attached paper the experiment overview and participants. Dr. Marvin Bauer described the corn blight problem. In other attached papers Mr. Richard Allen discussed the sampling model and ground data measurements program while Mr. Ronald Blilie presented the aircraft data acquisition for the experiment. In this paper the Corn Blight Watch Experiment will be described from the point of view of data processing, analysis, and interpretation procedures. Data availability will be illustrated by discussing the data flow for the experiment and the data catalog system. Descriptions of the analysis procedures, a storage and retrieval system called the Corn Blight Record, and a capability for results summarization will be presented to show the methods used in obtaining the results discussed in Dr. Christian Johannsen's paper.

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January 1972