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This report presents the research results and accomplishments for Contract NAS9-16528 "Remote Sensing of Agricultural Crops and Soils: Measuring and Modeling Biophysical and Optical Properties of Diverse Vegetative Canopies" at Purdue University, West Lafayette Indiana from January 1983 through April 1986. Much of this research has been published or will soon be published In scientific journals.

This report is divided into five major sections including this introduction. In Section II we present a series of 18 synopses which describe our significant research accomplishments. Our major contributions of technical assistance provided to various NASA/Johnson Space Center projects are succinctly summarized in Section 111. In the fourth section we list 29 refereed papers, 12 technical reports, 4 conference papers, 12 published abstracts, and 9 theses that were prepared by the staff at Purdue during this contract. The fifth and final section lists 32 publications by other researchers who have used spectral and ancillary (i.e., agronomic, biological, physical, and meteorological) data acquired by the staff at Purdue University.

Research in four major areas is described: (1) sun and view angle effects on canopy reflectance, (2) development of new measurement techniques, (3) spectral index, and stage of development. Detailed information describing the various tasks, experiments, and results are available in the synopses in Section II and in the published scientific papers and technical reports listed in sections IV and V.

Date of this Version

January 1986