D. A. Landgrebe

LARS Tech Report Number



This paper is a general discussion of earth resources information systems which utilize airborne and spaceborne sensors. It points out that information may be derived by sensing and analyzing the spectral, spatial and temporal variations of electromagnetic fields emanating from the earth surface. After giving an overview system organization, the two broad categories of system types are discussed. These are systems in which high quality imagery is essential and those more numerically oriented. Sensors are also discussed with this categorization of systems in mind.

The multispectral approach and pattern recognition are described as an example data analysis procedure for numerically-oriented systems. The steps necessary in using a pattern recognition scheme are described and illustrated with data obtained from aircraft and the Earth Resources Technology Satellite (ERTS-1). Both manual and machine-aided training techniques for the pattern recognition algorithm are described. Other data processing activities are also mentioned.

Date of this Version

January 1973