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This Final Technical Summary summarizes work done and results obtained in a broad set of remote sensing research studies. These include studies of spectral characteristics of crops and soils; the status of a field research data bank and a software data handling and analysis system for it; specification of a standardized multispectral field data acquisition system; studies of machine implemented training sample labeling methods; scene stratification and area estimation procedures for future crop inventory systems; a software system for studying the optimality and effectiveness of various sets of multispectral scanner parameters; the construction of multitype data sets involving the combination of Landsat data with synthetic aperature radar data and map-derived data; an assessment of the methods used by various countries of North and South America and Asia for acquiring, analyzing and reporting crop production statistics; and the status of a multilocation, multiterminal computer processing system for supporting remote sensing research. More complete reports on the studies are contained in the five volume final report of the contract and in various technical reports, which are listed in the technical summary.

Date of this Version

January 1978