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Results of four investigations, all related to agricultural remote sensing are described. The four tasks are: (A) Analysis of Agronomic and Spectral Data for Physical Understanding, (B) Field Measurements Data Management, (C) Multicrop supporting Field Research, and (D) Determining the Climatic and Genetic Effects on the Relationships Between Muitispectral Reflectance and Physical-Chemical Properties of Soils.

A. The Analysis of Agronomic-Spectral Data report describes the results of analyses of LACIE Field Research Data, including the relationships of agronomic and reflectance characteristics of wheat canopies, effect of cultural and environmental factors on reflectance properties of wheat, and discrimination of wheat and other crops as a function of wavelength band selection and acquisition date.

B. The Field Measurements Data Management report describes field research data base developed at LARS including the development of graphical and statistical analysis software, data processing software, and distribution of data.

C. The Multicrop Supporting Field Research report describes the measurements of spectral characteristics of corn and soybeans and development of a multispectral data acquisition system for field research.

D. The fourth report describes the objectives, experimental approach, and initial results of a study of the relationships between the reflectance and physical-chemical properties of over 400 different soils.

Date of this Version

January 1978