David Landgrebe

LARS Tech Report Number



ERTS-A was successfully launched to become ERTS-1 on July 23, 1972. This was an historic event, though only a beginning, for it climaxed a long effort by many people to conceive, design, and bring in to being such a data - gathering instrument. In parallel with this effort research had been under way to find methods to analyze data from such an instrument. One part of this latter effort was a search for ways to analyze such data by computing machine. These would be needed for problems requiring very rapid analysis or high data throughput, or both. It was only natural that such an analysis approach should be quickly tested on ERTS-1 data. In this way not only could the new analysis method be tested, but, more importantly, a concrete indication could quickly be obtained of the operating characteristics of ERTS-1 and the probable utility of its data for resource mapping.

Date of this Version

January 1972