An integrated resource inventory program involving Ducks Unlimited (Canada), Purdue University (LARS), Interdisciplinary Systems Limited (Canada) and the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing is described. The objective is to test the feasibility and operational capability of applying over a wide area, Landsat data classification techniques in order to identify, map and measure the areal extent and relative quality of waterfowl breeding habitat, primarily in the Prairie Pothole Region of Canada.

Ducks Unlimited (Canada) is a private, nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to preservation of wetlands in Canada. The Prairie Pothole Region of the southern prairie provinces is the focus of our efforts. Because of its abundance of wetlands, its well documented importance to breeding waterfowl, and because habitat there is endangered by outright loss or at least significant degradation. An up to date and comprehensive inventory of wetlands is required to assist DU in the planning and budgeting phase of our reconnaissance and development programs.

The program is designed to provide maps at scales of 1:250,000 and 1:50,000 on which all wetlands over 25 ac (10 ha) in size are located. Maps are to be registered to and capable of directly overlaying existing NTS mapsheets. Tabular output will include a table of wetland statistics which will locate individual wetlands (UTM reference), and provide an area estimate. For wetlands 25 ac or greater in size, acreages of various wetland zones will be indicated as well as an estimate of shoreline distance. Summary statistics will be provided for each mapsheet which provide a breakdown of wetlands according to size classes, providing number in each class, total acreage and acreages of the various zones.

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