T. M. Lillesand


CORSE-81, Conference On Remote Sensing Education, was held May 18-22, 1981, at Purdue University. Co-sponsored by NASA and NOAA, the conference was organized and conducted by the Purdue University Laboratory for Applications of Remote Sensing (LARS). Attended by approximately 200 educators from a broad range of disciplines, CORSE-81 represented the first national conference in the U.S. dealing solely with the topic of remote sensing education.

This paper is an attempt to summarize the major trends and issues in remote sensing education which crystallized from the presentations and discussions of CORSE-81. These include: 1) a profile (by discipline) of remote sensing courses taught throughout the U.S., 2) the manpower and skill requirements for students trained in remote sensing, 3) the impact of "low cost" digital image processing on the remote sensing education process, and 4) the concern of the educational community about the fundamental philosophy of design and implementation of an operational land remote sensing program.

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