Conventional monitors of image processing systems have not sufficient flexibility, expandability and easy-handing capability.

TIPE has been developed to overcome these problems. The monitor of TIPE consists of following three subsystems

(1) A scheduling system including a scheduler and menu files.

(2) A control parameter management system including a control parameter management module and control parameter files.

(3) A catalog system including a catalog management module, catalog files and a header management module.

Scheduling system is based upon menu files which are hierarchicaly organized. In the control parameter management system, control parameters are stored in a disc file called a control parameter file. When a series of program is repeatedly scheduled, TIPE user need not to input most of these parameters and can select a proper control parameter file.

TIPE maintains digital image informations in a form called TSF (TRIC Standard Format). The catalog system and the TSF establish an image data base that allows the system to maintain the image files automatically.

With the configuration of TIPE described above, the great deal of flexibility and expandability were achieved. Furthermore, easy-handling capability was achieved by providing an image data base concept and the control parameter system.

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