Wesley G. Rice


At the 1977 Annual Meeting of the Geosat Committee, Inc., a subcommittee was proposed by the President that would address itself to the various aspects of the ground segment of satellite data collection systems. The establishment of this subcommittee was accepted by the Geosat Board of Directors. Charged with the objective of investigating the needs of the user community and conveying these findings, the Subcommittee has been active in these areas since May, 1978. During these past two years, these needs of the user community have been surveyed and the resulting information has been conveyed through the Geosat Committee to appropriate governmental agencies.

These areas of data management have a significant impact on the processing and interpretation of remotely sensed data. For example, decisions on data format and archival media of current and future systems (both domestic and foreign) affect the utility of digital remotely sensed data by all user disciplines. Unresampled data is of key importance in performing radiometric and classification studies, yet policies were almost set which prohibited its availability.

This paper summarizes the major activities of the Geosat Committee in these areas, and the philosophies behind them. Significant progress has been made; much remains to be done.

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