The RSRP has designed and built an optical film annotator called EGOR. This device has the ability to produce sharp images composed of dots 2 mils in size and in 64 different grey levels from jet black to full white. It can be used in either four-or two-channel modes and can produce four images of up to 6"x9" or two images of 9"x9", respectively.

EGOR also has capabilities to eliminate or induce certain kinds of distortions, for example the "skew" and' "squish" associated with ERTS tapes. The spacing between dots in the Y dimension can be varied to close up or spread out the image, and the image can be "tilted" to give a parallelogram rather than a rectangle.

To date EGOR has been used to produce planometrically rectified images of ERTS data that has been classified by CALSCAN. Three monochrome images are made with EGOR then combined using filters to produce a full color composite. EGOR has also been used in the four channel mode to produce high resolution rectified images of the four MSS bands of ERTS data tapes.

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