Some pilot studies made in the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources demonstrated the possibility to realize Natural Resources Inventories, using a Computer in Interpretation of Landsat CCT's with success, and a large spare of time.

These pilot studies continued until our first achievement: the development of our own Interpretation Computer System, begun in 1974 and called SIADIS (Sistema de Interpretacion Automatica de Imagenes de Satelite). This system ran first in the Ministry CDC 3300 (Batch) Computer System and afterly in a CEC-Cyber without interactive analysis facilities, nor T.V. monitors or special graphical output.

In 1977 was presented a proposal to make, by means of Landsat MSS CCT's digital information and computer technique, a Land Use Inventory covering the whole country. This project should have some advantages as, economy, time of performance, possibility of continuous updatings, and the knowledge of evolution of resources by means of comparisons of successive data. Using a multidisciplinary approach, the satellite information could be used on more projects for the Ministry.

In this work a description of the whole Methodology used for this purpose is made. We believe that some of our experiences can be useful in other countries where similar needs have pushed for Remote Sensing approaches.

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