This paper describes interactive software systems for making agricultural crop acreage estimates using LANDSAT MSS data developed jointly by the Center for Advanced Computation of the University of Illinois and the Statistical Reporting Service of the United States Department of Agriculture. These acreage estimation procedures have been incorporated into, and use features previously developed in, EDITOR. EDITOR is an interactive file management and image processing system developed by the Center for Advanced Computation in collaboration with USGS/DI, NASA/AMES, and USDA/SRS. The crop acreage estimation software is implemented as part of the EDITOR system on TENEX, a modified DEC SYSTEM-10. The only hardware necessary to access this acreage estimation subsystem or the whole EDITOR system consists of a KSR (keyboard send-receive) terminal with acoustic coupler and a telephone link to a TENEX system on the ARPA network. An x-y coordinate digitizer and, optionally a terminal graphics plotter, are also needed for digitizing ground-truth samples and interactive registration capabilities.

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