Remote sensing projects in Missouri were conducted by several state agencies, the University of Missouri, the University of Kansas, and several federal agencies during the 60's. Many used aerial photography before that time period. During the 70's, remote sensing efforts continued among the participants but with better communication and coordination.

The Missouri approach is not unusual. Basically we have been attempting to teach state and federal agency personnel how to use aerial photography and space images to assist them with their work. Research efforts have been closely tied to the needs of the user with actual involvement in the research.

Researchers in most disciplines are becoming more aware that the user has an interest in output. Remote sensing researchers need to consider the users interest and problems, especially when working with agency personnel. Too often in the past, the researcher has provided a completed product to the user and said "I bet you can use this." It has become more apparent that with this approach, the researcher does not solve the problem but in fact becomes part of it.

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