G. R. Barker


One of the most perplexing and continuing problems of research at all levels, is applying and implementing the results in an operational situation. Although no statistics are offered here, it is suspected that the amount of monies allocated each year for research destined for obscurity or strictly academic residency, must be enormous. It is probably no exaggeration to say the most frequent criticism of any industrial management toward research is how pitifully little seems to filter down to the "grass roots" level.

This paper explores the "how come" of this criticism within the private industrial sector, and suggests the problem is one of dual responsibility between the technical and user communities. Although remote sensing technology is specifically addressed, the technology/user exchange involved is sot unique, with many parallels available from which experience can be gained. It is further suggested that the problem of industrial implementation of remote sensing is primarily one of people. As such, this sector is but a microcosm of all organizations everywhere and many considerations discussed will have broad application.

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