Large volumes of inventory data are collected and analyzed with the idea of developing resource management schemes for the future. Unless this inventory information is easily accessible, is of the type needed to make management decisions in accordance with current policy, and has a readily available updating system, the entire management plan often becomes a seldom, if ever, used document.

This study deals with the application of several inventory collection and display techniques to assist in making rapid and accurate resource management decisions on a continuing basis. The objective of the study is to develop a comprehensive forest resource management plan for the U.S. Department of the Army, Corps of Engineers Philpott Reservoir Complex located on the Piedmont geomorphic province near Bassett, Virginia. Specifically the management plan is focused on increasing the value of the lands primarily for recreation and wildlife with the inclusion of other compatible uses where appropriate. A healthy and vigorous forest system is required in order to withstand the stresses imposed by man and nature. Therefore, a forest complex capable of supporting the planned recreation, wildlife, scenic attractiveness and other project uses must be maintained so as to yield the maximum social benefit and insure the ecologic integrity of the system.

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