On March 11, 1937, the Indiana legislature passed an act which authorized the Indiana State Highway Commission to cooperate with and assist Purdue University in developing the best methods of improving and maintaining the highways of the state and the respective counties thereof. That collaborative effort was called the Joint Highway Research Project (JHRP). The first studies of JHRP were concerned with Test Road No. 1—evaluation of the weathering characteristics of stabilized materials. After World War II, the JHRP program grew substantially and was regularly producing technical reports.

In 1997 the collaborative venture was renamed as the Joint Transportation Research Program (JTRP) to reflect the state and national efforts to integrate the management and operation of various transportation modes. Over 75 years of strong collaboration between Purdue University and what is now the Indiana Department of Transportation has had a significant impact on the safe and efficient operation of transportation systems throughout Indiana, the United States, and around the world. Additional details regarding the history of JHRP, as well as current activities of the JTRP program, can be found by clicking on the respective hyperlinks.


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