A large number of waste tires are generated each year throughout the world. Instead of disposing these tires in landfills, they can be used beneficially in road construction, MSE walls or structural fills that require large quantities of material. Such use of tires not only saves the costs of landfilling, but also provides certain desirable mechanical properties. The focus of this research was on determining important geotechnical properties of tire shred-sand mixtures required for their use as a lightweight backfill for MSE walls. Accordingly, the shear strength and pullout characteristics of tire shred-sand mixtures at various mixing ratios were determined through laboratory experiments. These properties are needed in the design of MSE walls with tire shred-sand mixtures as backfill material.


Tire shred-sand mixture, Pullout test, Direct shear test, Reinforcement ladder, MSE Wall, SPR-3470

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