The Joint Transportation Research Program (JTRP) serves as a vehicle for INDOT collaboration with higher education institutions and industry in Indiana to facilitate innovation that results in continuous improvement in the planning, design, construction, operation, management and economic efficiency of the Indiana transportation infrastructure.

This series contains data papers published through the Joint Research Transportation Program at Purdue University.


JTRP Data Papers from 2020


Indiana Traffic Signal Hi Resolution Data Logger Enumerations, Howell Li; Alexander M. Hainen; James R. Sturdevant; Travis Atkison; Sufian Talukder; Jijo K. Mathew; Darcy M. Bullock; Daniel Nelson; Donald M. Maas, Jr.; Joshua Fink; and Tom Stiles

JTRP Data Papers from 2012


Indiana Traffic Signal Hi Resolution Data Logger Enumerations, James R. Sturdevant, Timothy Overman, Eric Raamot, Ray Deer, Dave Miller, Darcy M. Bullock, Christopher M. Day, Thomas M. Brennan Jr., Howell Li, Alex Hainen, and Steve M. Remias

JTRP Data Papers from 2011


Dataset for Investigating Computational Efficiency of Alternative Arterial Offset Optimization Algorithms, Christopher M. Day and Darcy M. Bullock

JTRP Data Papers from 2010


Citizen Band (CB) Radio Communication Commenting on Indiana State Police Enforcement Activity, Alex M. Hainen, Steve M. Remias, George H. Goble, Jason S. Wasson, and Darcy M. Bullock