The Joint Transportation Research Program (JTRP) has partnered with the Purdue Libraries to provide state-of-the-art digital production and open-access web-based dissemination tools. The largest collection is composed of over 1600 technical reports produced for projects funded by the Indiana Department of Transportation. The technical report production process and open access policy has been tremendously successful with over 1,000,000 downloads in the last 6 years and is widely regarded around the country as a best practice for producing and disseminating transportation research. This process and selected download statistics are described in a recent Transportation Research Board paper.

Purdue faculty members are highly sought after for transportation-related research by many other government agencies, associations, and the private sector. To leverage the streamlined production and dissemination processes developed by JTRP and the Purdue Libraries, the JTRP Affiliated Reports series was created to provide Purdue faculty a publication venue for technical reports funded by other sponsors. Each of the publications in this series has an acknowledgment section that recognizes their sponsor(s).

Publications from 2021

Estimation of Connected Vehicle Penetration Rate on Indiana Roadways, Margaret Hunter, Jijo K. Mathew, Ed Cox, Matthew Blackwell, and Darcy M. Bullock

Publications from 2020

Dashboards for Real-time Monitoring of Winter Operations Activities and After-action Assessment, Jairaj Desai, Jijo K. Mathew, Woosung Kim, Mingmin Liu, Howell Li, Jeffrey D. Brooks, and Darcy M. Bullock

Using Crowdsourced Vehicle Braking Data to Identify Roadway Hazards, Howell Li, Jijo K. Mathew, Woosung Kim, and Darcy M. Bullock

Characterizing Interstate Crash Rates Based on Traffic Congestion Using Probe Vehicle Data, Michelle M. Mekker, Stephen M. Remias, Margaret L. McNamara, and Darcy M. Bullock

Publications from 2019

New Opportunities for Automated Pedestrian Performance Measures, Jack Bell, Rik Law, Howell Li, Ben Anderson, and Darcy M. Bullock

DamageWise Program Implementation Pays Off for Indiana, Daniel L. Brassard, Deborah Horton, and Darcy M. Bullock

Leveraging Snow Plow Dashboards Cams and Connected Vehicle Speed Data to Improve Winter Operations Performance Measures, Howell Li, Logan Peters, Christina Banuelos, Jonathan Zaugg, Anuj Sharma, and Darcy M. Bullock

Using Connected Vehicle Data to Reassess Dilemma Zone Performance of Heavy Vehicles, Howell Li, Tom Platte, Jijo K. Mathew, W. Benjamin Smith, Enrique Saldivar-Carranza, and Darcy M. Bullock

Utilization of Dedicated Electric Vehicle Plug-In Charging Stations in a College Campus Environment, Jijo K. Mathew, Deborah Horton, and Darcy M. Bullock

Populating SAE J2735 Message Confidence Values for Traffic Signal Transitions Along a Signalized Corridor, Jijo K. Mathew, Howell Li, and Darcy M. Bullock

Contaminant Release from Storm Water Culvert Rehabilitation Technologies: Understanding Implications to the Environment and Long-Term Material Integrity, Andrew J. Whelton, Kyungyeon Ra, Seyedeh Mahboobeh Teimouri Sendesi, Md Nuruddin, Xianzhen Li, John A. Howarter, Jeffrey P. Youngblood, Chad T. Jafvert, and Nadezhda N. Zyaykina

Publications from 2018

Using Probe Data Analytics for Assessing Freeway Speed Reductions During Rain Events, W. Logan Downing, Howell Li, William T. Morgan, Cassandra McKee, and Darcy M. Bullock

Publications from 2017

Observations of Trip Generation, Route Choice, and Trip Chaining with Private-Sector Probe Vehicle GPS Data, Christopher M. Day, Howell Li, Sarah M. L. Hubbard, and Darcy M. Bullock

Outcome Assessment Using Connected Vehicle Data to Justify Signal Investments to Decision Makers, Drake Krohn, Lou Rymarcsuk, Jijo Mathew, Chris Day, Howell Li, Ashwin Patel, Daniel Farley, and Darcy M. Bullock

Curating Automatic Vehicle Location Data to Compare the Performance of Outlier Filtering Methods, Jijo K. Mathew, Christopher M. Day, Howell Li, and Darcy M. Bullock

Travel Time Observations Using Bluetooth MAC Address Matching: A Case Study on the Rajiv Gandhi Roadway: Chennai, India, Stephen M. Remias, Alexander M. Hainen, Jijo K. Mathew, Lelitha Vanajakshi, Anuj Sharma, and Darcy M. Bullock

Publications from 2016

EconWorks Tools for Assessing the Wider Economic Benefits of Transportation Implementation Assistance, Davis Chacon-Hurtado, Ruiman Yang, Eleni Bardaka, Konstantina Gkritza, and Jon Fricker

Integrating Traffic Signal Performance Measures into Agency Business Processes, Christopher M. Day, Darcy M. Bullock, Howell Li, Steven M. Lavrenz, W. Benjamin Smith, and James R. Sturdevant

Publications from 2014

Performance Measures for Traffic Signal Systems: An Outcome-Oriented Approach, Christopher M. Day, Darcy M. Bullock, Howell Li, Steve M. Remias, Alexander M. Hainen, Richard S. Freije, Amanda L. Stevens, James R. Sturdevant, and Thomas M. Brennan

Publications from 2013

An Overview of Joint Deterioration in Concrete Pavement: Mechanisms, Solution Properties, and Sealers, Wesley Jones, Yaghoob Farnam, Paul Imbrock, Jeff Spiro, Chiara Villani, Jan Olek, and W. Jason Weiss

Publications from 2012

Roadway System Assessment Using Bluetooth-Based Automatic Vehicle Identification Travel Time Data, Christopher M. Day, Thomas M. Brennan, Alexander M. Hainen, Stephen M. Remias, and Darcy M. Bullock

Increased Use of Fly Ash in Hydraulic Cement Concrete (HCC) for Pavement Layers and Transportation Structures, Igor De la Varga, Dale P. Bentz, W. Jason Weiss, Javier Castro, Timothy J. Barrett, Robert P. Spragg, Carmelo Di Bella, Karthik H. Obla, Haejin Kim, Anton K. Schindler, Kevin P. Keith, and Taijiro Sato

Publications from 2011

Characterizing the Impacts of Phasing, Environment, and Temporal Factors on Pedestrian Demand at Traffic Signals, Christopher M. Day, Hiromal Premachandra, and Darcy M. Bullock