This report is an overview of the research that was performed for the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) concerning the performance of bridge deck expansion joints. The purpose of the research is to evaluate several types of joints currently in use and also provides the evaluation criteria for rating the joint condition. The types of joints investigated are Compression Seal (B.S.) joint, Strip Seal (S.S.) joint, Integral Abutment Jointless (I.A.) joint, Poured Silicone (XJS) joint, and Polymer Modified Asphalt (LDI and PaveTech) joint. The research was performed by questionnaire surveys, Roadway Management data analysis, expert interviews, and site assessment. The problems and their causes, the merits, the potential improvements, and the estimated lives of these types of joints were identified from the questionnaire surveys. The results showed that the S.S., B.S., and I.A. joints are rated as the top three for their longer estimated lives as well as other attributes The results of the factor and logistic regression analyses of the INDOT Roadway Management data indicate that the performances of the S.S., B.S., and I.A. joint are rated first, second, and third respectively, based on deterioration rates under identical conditions of traffic loading, settlement, and age. Other types of joints could not be analyzed due to insufficient data. The investigation of the practices of surrounding states revealed that each state has its own experiences in using and maintaining the joints. There are no uniform drawings, specifications, and maintenance strategies among the investigated states. The investigation also showed that the Integral Abutment Expansion joint (I.A.) is commonly being used in the surrounding states. Finally the research provides pilot evaluation schemes for inspecting joints. Based on the findings of this research, an implementation policy has been designed to ensure the longer service life of expansion joints.

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expansion joint, logistic regression, odds ratio, factor analysis, SPR-2198

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