The purpose of the study was to conduct research and prepare documents, data tables, reports and GIS maps to be included in the INDOT SWQMP that address each of the following Minimum Control Measures (MCMs) specified in the federal and state regulation: (1) public education and outreach; (2) public participation and involvement; (3) illicit discharge detection with elimination; (4) construction site runoff control; (5) post-construction runoff control and (6) pollution prevention and good housekeeping. The MCMs are minimum measures which, when implemented by INDOT, will ensure that storm water quality meets the minimum water quality standards. The research focused on the major provisions of the storm water regulations for Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s) that will need to be addressed in INDOT’s storm water permit application. The study developed various databases, relying on GIS and other tools, to identify: (1) the INDOT maintenance facilities and highway segments within Indiana’s 147 MS4 communities; (2) receiving waters to which storm water from facilities and highways migrates; (3) “sensitive” areas, such as public swimming areas, surface drinking water intakes, waters containing endangered species and state outstanding and exceptional use waters, which could be degraded by contaminated storm water; and (4) available water quality monitoring data of the receiving waters in all MS4 areas. The study reviewed the department’s current policies, practices and procedures implemented as Best Management Practices (BMPs) to protect water quality and concludes with recommendations for expanding its efforts to meet the requirements of the storm water regulation.

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GIS, environmental sensitivity, salt operations, POTW, storm water, BMPs, MS4s, storm water controls, water quality monitoring data, MCMs, SPR-2752

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Appendix E: State Roads in MS4 Areas

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Appendix H: Inventory of Bridges State Highway System of Indiana

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Appendix K: MS4 Miles by District and Sensitivity Code