The objectives of this research were: 1. to identify the source, character, currency and format of environmental, ecological, geological and other data for each existing facility site and organize it in a “hard copy” and/or computerized framework to aid the prioritization and planning process for facility upgrades to protect the environment, for regulatory compliance, and for potential replacement or relocation of existing sites; 2. to identify and assess the criteria currently employed by INDOT to select locations for new and/or relocated facilities, including the ASTM Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessment criteria, and to recommend additional criteria including those required to mitigate potential environmental impacts at new sites, if necessary; 3.-4. to recommend Best Management Practices for implementation at existing sites to protect the environment and for new facilities sited at locations where potential environmental impacts exist, and to provide cost estimates of Best Management Practices involving engineering upgrades for existing and new facilities; 5. to recommend procedures and policies for decommissioning facilities prior to their closure and relocation. The research entailed a review of available GIS databases from all government, institutional and private sources and the preparation of specific GIS maps depicting locations of INDOT facilities and highways and the publication of a directory and CD-ROM for use by INDOT staff. The GIS database investigation identified nine environmental sensitivity criteria that could be used to prioritize facilities relative to the potential threat they pose to the surrounding environment. The study included a thorough investigation of the literature concerning best management practices (BMPs) for control of storm water. A CD-ROM was prepared which included documents from 23 public, institutional and private sources and their hyperlinks. The study concludes with an analysis of the ASTM Phase I and II Standards for Environmental Site Assessments and the recommendation of the RISC Investigation Report format to supplement the use of Phase I and II for assessment of future facility sites and prior to closing existing facilities.

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GIS, environmental sensitivity, salt operations, washwater, POTW, WWTP, shop floor drains, motor vehicle fluids, storm water, BMPs, MS4s, storm water controls, decommissioning, site selection, facility closing, SPR-2458

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