Construction Data Management 2000 was a project designed to help guide INDOT into using emerging technologies to meet data management needs in the construction process. The landscape at INDOT has changed, having been shaped through the factors of increased workloads, a reduced number of employees, and increasing dependence on outside consultants to fill the needs. This has resulted in changing roles for INDOT employees creating differing data management needs. This project looked into this area, studied various answers, and is recommending solutions. This report describes the work performed and proposes recommendations with supporting documentation. The original project scope had the following activities: 1. Develop a Data Management Plan; 2. Analyze the AASHTO SiteManager System; 3. Define gaps within the SiteManager Software; 4. Design modules that work with SiteManager; 5. Perform a financial and operational analysis of various field data collection devices; 6. Determine teleconferencing opportunities; 7. Investigate the use of digital cameras; and, 8. Research the use of internet tools for managing site data. The majority of this was accomplished. One additional area in computer and web-based training was investigated and described. This approach will be new for the Department but is an effective approach for delivering training.

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videoconferencing, Earthwork, SiteManager, PDA, digital camera, Internet, web-based training, SPR-2192

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