A laboratory study was conducted to determine water sensitivity and rutting potential of asphalt mixtures. Two major tests were included in the study: AASHTO T-283 and a laboratory wheel tracking device (PURWheel). AASHTO T-283 has been adopted in the Superpave system for evaluating mixture stripping potential. The PURWheel device and test method was developed with the concept creating conditions associated with stripping, i.e. moisture, high temperature, and a moving wheel load. The laboratory wheel track tests can be conducted with hot/wet or hot/dry environments. The objective of the study is to determine the factors that most influence bituminous mixture stripping potential. The laboratory wheel tests can simulate mixture stripping conditions as well pavement loadings. Rutting potential with and without stripping, hot/wet and hot/dry environments, respectively, can be determined independently. The difference in rutting for the two environmental conditions indicates the magnitude of rutting associated with stripping.

PURWheel tests show the abilities of the machine to evaluate the rutting/stripping of asphalt mixtures under various temperature/moisture conditions. In a comparison of two Indiana #11 surface mixtures, limestone and dolomite, the limestone mix has a lower susceptibility to rutting than that of the dolomite mix at 50 and 60oC. Moisture damage was shown to occur over a range of temperatures from 60oC to room temperature.

Results of FEM studies show that the creep model can successfully characterize the pavement material behavior through a reasonable approximation of loading and material properties. Based on deformation data from the PURWheel tests, material parameters in the creep model were backcalculated. Good agreement was obtained between predicted and measured deformation in APT tests.

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asphalt, mixtures, superpave, stripping, AASHTO, T283, wheel testing, HPR-2086

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