The North Central Superpave Center (NCSC) was established to serve the needs of the states and industry in ten states and two Canadian provinces as they implement the Superpave system. Accomplishing this goal requires the cooperation and active support of a number of people and organizations. Organizational and operational issues related to infrastructure, personnel, equipment and finances also needed to be resolved. This project was designed to address those issues, develop a comprehensive strategic plan and initiate a number of activities of the North Central Superpave Center (NCSC).

This report summarizes the efforts in the following areas:

1 . Personnel Recruitment - hiring a Technical Director, Technician, Secretary and later a Communications Specialist.

2. a. Organizational Structure - setting up a Steering Committee to establish the mission of the NCSC and direct its operational policies.

b. Funding Structure - initiating regional pooled fund studies to obtain state support for the base level operation of the center and regional research, and seeking outside funding sources.

3. NCSC Newsletter - designing and publishing a quarterly newsletter and later expanding this function to include an Internet web page.

4. Collaboration with Other Centers - initiating routine contact and technical and administrative exchange between the five centers and FHWA.

5. Internal Training - ensuring NCSC staff is adequately trained in Superpave binder, mixture and mix analysis issues through specialized training courses and on-the-job training.

6. Regional Workshop - this was changed to organizing and conducting a national workshop on Superpave technology and its impacts on industry.

7. Development of Training Courses - assessing training needs in the North Central region and developing training courses to meet those needs.

8. Laboratory Development - remodeling a former classroom space into a state-of-the-art Superpave testing lab.

Significant progress was made in all ofthese areas, as highlighted in this report. The North Central Superpave Center is now fully operational and fulfilling needed functions in technology transfer, training and research for the region and beyond.

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