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Pavement friction condition provides an important parameter in selecting highway rehabilitation and maintenance projects. The Research Division of Indiana Department of Transportation has been conducting annual pavement friction testing on the Indiana highway network. Due to the large amount of data accumulated, an efficient system is in demand for data management. In this project, we developed a computer program that constitutes an integrated system for friction data management and distribution. In the developed system, database technology was utilized for data storage and organization; networking technology was utilized for real-time data distribution; geographic information systems (GIS) technology as well as computer graphics are used for data presentation and analysis. The new friction data management and distribution system can be characterized as having the following features:

1. A user-friendly graphic interface. Users retrieve and analyze data through the graphic user interface (GUI). The interface is designed in such an intuitive way that minimal training is required for a user to work with the program. GIS technology was utilized in the form of an embedded map component in the user interface. The GIS component provides a powerful analytical tool by revealing data patterns that are not easily identifiable through other methods.

2. Behind the scenes database management. Database access and management is handled by the computer program “behind the scenes” so that no prior knowledge of database or computer programming is required from users.

3. Real-time data distribution. Friction data are automatically updated through the INDOT-wide area network to allow access of the most current data. The program is designed in a way to minimize network traffic

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friction, database, Geographic Information System, GIS, roadway management, database management, data distribution, SPR-2154

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