This study synthesizes the information on the use of waste materials in highway construction. The information was obtained from a review of published literature supplemented by: recent unpublished reports, presentations of research updates by professionals at different forums, anti personal meetings with the experts. In addition, a questionnaire regarding the use of waste materials was prepared and distributed to each of the state highway agencies. A majority of states responded to the questionnaire, giving a summary of current practices in the use of waste materials in highway construction and their experiences on the technical, environmental, and economic aspects of the various applications of the materials.

The report briefly gives the state-of-the-practice in the use of the waste materials in highway construction in the United States and discusses the applications of selected waste materials, including: waste tires, waste glass, reclaimed paving materials, slags and ashes, building rubble, sewage sludge, and incinerator residue. An evaluation based on the technical, environmental, and economic factors indicated that reclaimed paving materials, coal fly ash, blast furnace slag, bottom ash, boiler slag. Steel slag and rubber tires have significant potential to replace conventional materials for various applications in highway construction, and should be projected for future construction. Specific applications of the waste products and the potential problems associated with their usage in highway operations, which must be addressed prior to their extensive use, are included in the report .

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highway construction materials, waste utilization, aggregates, waste materials

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