PC-STABL3D is the program for IBM PC compatible computers, developed to handle general stability analysis of three-dimensional slopes. Random generation routines are invoked to create trial failure surfaces, which are analyzed using the limiting equilibrium approach. The current version of PC-STABL3D is enhanced by a graphical pre/postprocessor, which facilitates creation and edition 0 data files, examination of problem geometry, and analyzing of the obtained failure surfaces. After the failure surfaces are generated and their factors of safety are computed, the program performs statistical analysis of received factors of safety, and calculates minimum statistical factor of safety. The information about minimum factor of safety increases probability that the critical failure surface found by the program is indeed the one with minimum factor of safety. The manual also contains a step-by-step tutorial and example problems which are solved using PC-STABL3D. The contents of this report summarize a series of previous research efforts relating to three-dimensional slope stability, conducted under the guidance of Prof. C. W. Lovell and Prof. J-L. Chameau.

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slope stability, three-dimensional, computer modeling, statistical factor of safety

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Joint Highway Research Project

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