A program has been written in Microsoft QuickBASIC to implement the traffic models developed for both rural and urban Indiana state highway segments during a two-phase HPR Project carried out for the Indiana Department of Transportation. The report ''TRAFFIC VOLUME FORECASTING METHODS FOR RURAL STATE HIGHWAYS" describes the models developed in Phase 1 of the study, while the report "THE DEVELOPMENT OF A PROCEDURE TO FORECAST TRAFFIC VOLUMES ON URBAN SEGMENTS OF THE STATE AND INTERSTATE HIGHWAY SYSTEMS" describes the models developed in Phase 2. For rural interstates, new models have been developed in Phase 2 that supercede the Phase 1 rural interstate model. These models have been implemented in the Phase 2 software.

The microcomputer software package TFPI (Traffic Forecasting Procedure for Indiana) enables the user to easily generate forecasts of traffic volumes on state highway segments in Indiana. At each step in the program, easy-to-follow instructions appear on the screen. The program package is screen-oriented, that is, it presents a series of clearly structured data input queries that invite the user to supply logical and generally available data needed to forecast traffic.

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traffic forecasting, Indiana, TFPI

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Joint Highway Research Project

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