The objective of this research is to evaluate the use of the November 8, 1991 SHRP C-206 report entitled, “Packing Handbook – A Guide to the Optimal Gradation of Concrete Aggregates”. The purpose of the Packing Handbook is to determine the optimal combination of fine and coarse aggregates for concrete from available aggregate sources. Through the use of tables provided in the Packing Handbook, and given sources with known aggregate gradations and void contents, the relative proportion of each aggregate (coarse and fine) is obtained. Concretes made using the Packing Handbook recommendations of aggregate proportioning were compared to concretes used on various INDOT pavement projects. Field proportioned concretes were replicated in the laboratory. The only difference between field mixtures, the field mixtures replicated in the laboratory, and the Packing Handbook laboratory mixtures was the percent of coarse aggregate in the mixes. Other proportions were held constant, i.e. cement content, w/c*fa, and the use of admixtures. The Packing Handbook was evaluated based on the comparison of engineering properties of the field control mixtures and the Packing Handbook mixtures. Packing Handbook mixes were harsh and will achieve little or no cost reductions or quality improvements if implemented for field use. Copies of this document are available on CD-ROM from INDOT Division of Research, West Lafayette, IN.

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mix design, particle packing, aggregate, gradation, SHRP, DTFH-7192

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Joint Highway Research Project

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