An integrated critical information delivery platform for smart segment dissemination to road users was developed. A statewide baseline milepost geodatabase was created at 0.1-mile resolution with tools, protocols, and interfaces that allow other data sources to be efficiently utilized. A variety of data sources (e.g., INRIX, CARS, Doppler, camera images, connected vehicle data, automated vehicle location) were integrated into existing and new dashboards for stakeholders to monitor roadway conditions and after-action reviews. Additionally, based on these data sources, algorithms were developed and an API was created to identify hazardous road conditions when the location of the end-user mobile device was given. Message delivery schemes were successfully implemented to issue alerts to drivers, which were integrated with two in-vehicle smartphone applications. The performance of the integrated platform was evaluated using both the driving simulator and a number of simulated and on-road tests. The results demonstrated the system was able to disseminate data in real-time using the developed platform.

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smart segment, milepost mapping, driving simulator, real-time driver alert, motorist traffic, back of queue, application programming interface, dashboards, connected vehicle, weather data

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Joint Transportation Research Program

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